We exist to provide Awareness, Support and Guidance

About US

We are all About Helping Others
We want to provide awareness, support and guidance to families, create strong connections encouraging community cohesion, and ensure that the community have access to the services that they require.

The seed that birthed the vision for GUBA Foundation was sown whilst organising the Ghana UK Based Achievement (GUBA) Awards.

We realised that although there are many achievements to highlight, there are also many needs to address, for example health, disability, education and poverty needs.

As a foundation we want to meet these.
Our present focus is autism. We want people to change their thinking to see autism ‘not as a disability but as a different ability’.

The GUBA Foundation is on a journey and as we move on, we sincerely hope that you would join with us. Together we can make a significant difference!

  • AIM 1

    To connect families living with autism within the community to each other, encouraging networks of support.

  • AIM 2

    To provide support and guidance to parents and carers, connecting them to services that can help.

  • AIM 3

    To deliver culturally sensitive Autism training and provide awareness to the specified community

  • AIM 4

    To highlight the achievements, gifts and unknown talents of people with Autism


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